• Shower, shave and exfoliate at least 3 hours prior to your

session, using oil-free products.

• Do not apply makeup, perfume, body or face moisturizer. Use

deodorant sparingly. Your skin must be completely free of any

products. Anything on your skin will create a barrier for the

sunless solution.

• Schedule hair and spa treatments (including pedicures,

manicures and waxings) at least one day prior to your


• Apply nail polish (colored or clear) to prevent staining.

• Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing; cotton is recommended. Bring

any undergarments you wish to wear during your session.

• If you have long hair or bangs, wear your hair back from your

face in a ponytail or clip so that your hair is not touching your skin.

• Bring an umbrella if there is rain in the forecast.


• Remain dry for at least 8 hours following your appointment. Avoid

sweating (including workouts) until after your first shower.

• Avoid wearing restrictive clothing immediately after your session.

• Wait a full 24 hours before showering if possible.

• Take short, warm showers using mild, unscented soap; shave

with a light touch. Your first shower should be a light rinse only.

Do not exfoliate during the life of your tan.

• Pat skin dry and moisturize with a mild lotion or tan enhancer.

• Avoid products that contain petroleum or mineral oil.


You may feel slightly damp or sticky during the hour following your tan. Remember to stay dry and avoid touching your skin to ensure that your tan dries flawlessly. Your tan will begin to darken over the next 4-5 hours, with full results after 24 hours. If necessary, you may shower lightly after 8 hours, allowing some of the bronzer or “cosmetic” tan to wash off. Limit exposure to pools and hot tubs, as they will fade your tan. The airbrush solution is water soluble and will wash out of clothing and sheets, with the exception of materials made of silk or nylon; therefore, avoid wearing silk or nylon before your first shower.